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Social Responsibility Highlights

Humanitarian Collaboration

Imperial Star Solar has partnered with the Cambodian Red Cross in celebration of the 160th anniversary of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. A long-time supporter of their vital humanitarian activities, our efforts specifically focus on addressing natural disasters and emergencies.

Responsible Sourcing

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for forced labor in our sourcing practices. Our commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that our supply chain aligns with ethical standards and human rights principles.

Building a Greener Future

Environmental | Social | Corporate Governance

Empowering Sustainability Through Renewable Energy

Imperial Star Solar is committed to integrating environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sound governance into every facet of our business operations. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is exemplified through several key initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability Highlights

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With the opening of domestic manufacturing facilities in 2024, we will significantly decrease our carbon footprint by minimizing transportation and shipping emissions.

Green Manufacturing Practices

We embrace automated production and employ Harmless Treatment of Discharged Waste Technology, ensuring responsible resource management whenever possible.

Biodiversity Partnership

In 2024, we are focusing our efforts in environmental protection and biodiversity. Planned partnerships include grassroots forest protection initiatives, tree-planting organizations, and responsible panel recycling projects.

Carbon Emission Reduction Leadership

Our commitment to best-in-class renewable energy, high-quality materials, and an efficient manufacturing process result in an estimated annual reduction of 10,000 tons of carbon emissions.

ISO 14001 Certification

We are proudly ISO 14001 certified, reaffirming our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Governance and Workforce Development Highlights

Job Opportunities

Our employment training has created 2500+ global jobs, with 500 more planned for the US, boosting local economies and global workforce development.

Diversity and Inclusion

We're proud to promote workforce diversity, evident in our global workplace composition and multiple C-suite positions being held by women.

Labor and Human Rights Policy

Our strong labor and human rights policy guarantees fair treatment, safety, and ethical practices for all employees, guiding our governance.

Code of Business Conduct

We adhere to a comprehensive code of conduct, setting high standards for ethical behavior, integrity, and accountability at all levels of our operations.

ISO 45001 Certification

Our ISO 45001 certification underscores our dedication to a safe and healthy workplace, demonstrating our proactive stance on occupational health and safety and commitment to maintaining high well-being standards.

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