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Come join a team that is changing the world of solar.

Dedicated to fostering respect, equality, and empowerment, Imperial Star supports the growth and development of every team member. 

We prioritize professional advancement, offer continuous learning opportunities, and strive to create a positive, inclusive workplace where individuals thrive and reach their full potential.

Career Development

Career opportunity and job growth

Our commitment to employment training has resulted in more than 2,500 job opportunities globally with a planned expansion of 500 opportunities in the USA. This not only supports local economies but also contributes to global workforce development.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud to foster diversity within our workforce, with a focus on gender equality. Our commitment to female employees is reflected in our workforce composition at all levels starting with leadership, contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

Labor and human rights policy

We adhere to a robust labor and human rights policy that ensures fair treatment, safety, and ethical practices for all employees. This policy serves as a guiding principle in our governance structure.

Code of conduct

Imperial Star Solar operates under a comprehensive code of conduct, setting the standard for ethical behavior, integrity, and accountability across all levels of our operations.

ISO 45001

Our ISO 45001 certifications underscores our strong commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, reflecting our proactive approach to occupational health and safety, showcasing our dedication to maintaining high standards in workplace well-being.

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