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PV Modules

Orion - 210MM PERC


Module Power



30 year


Large Silicon Wafer Technology, Ideal for Major Projects

Revolutionizing solar technology with large silicon wafers, our modules are the prime choice for major projects. Whether it's a robust power plant or expansive commercial rooftops, we lead the way.

High Efficiency,

Our 210mm solar module's high conversion efficiency lowers the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) by generating more power under the same sunlight, reducing electricity production costs, and maximizing energy yield, making it a cost-efficient solution for sustainable future power.


Imperial Star PV Modules Ensure Reliable and Lasting Performance Tailored to Diverse Energy Needs.

10+ Years of PERC Technology Expertise

Benefit from over 10 years of PERC technology expertise, ensuring stable and reliable performance. We are committed to delivering enduring excellence for your projects.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

Precision meets reliability with our advanced technology. Our solar modules feature lossless cutting and high-density double glass encapsulation, ensuring a quality guarantee that you can depend on.

Superior Efficiency:
30% More Power

Experience peak efficiency with our 210mm bifacial glass model, achieving up to 30% more power generation with a remarkable bifacial rate of 70±5%, ensuring top performance from both sides.

Superior Aging Performance, Extended Lifespan

Our bifacial glass model offers superior aging performance, extending the lifespan of your solar investment.

Exceptional Weather Resistance

Our 210mm bifacial glass model showcases exceptional weather resistance against temperature variations, humidity, UV radiation, sand, dust, salt spray, and more.

Empowering Tomorrow's Power Giants

Utilizing bi-facial glass technology, it maximizes sunlight absorption for unparalleled energy output. Elevate your power plant projects to new heights with this pinnacle of solar innovation boasting an expansive surface area.

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