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PV Modules

Atlas N - 182MM TOPCON


Module Power



30 year



Imperial Star PV Modules Ensure Reliable and Lasting Performance Tailored to Diverse Energy Needs.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

Trust in the reliability of advanced technology. Our Topcon series features lossless cutting and high-density double glass encapsulation, ensuring unmatched quality assurance for enduring solar excellence.

at its Best

The following technology innovation/revolution after PERC with cell efficiencies above 25%, our TOPCON module offers a superior temperature coefficient, minimal LID/LeTID impact, and excellent performance in low-light conditions, enhancing customer value.

Maximum 30% Bifacial Power Gain, Bifacial Rate of 80±5%

Unleash the power from both sides with our Topcon series. Achieve a groundbreaking 30% increase in power generation, boasting an exceptional bifacial rate of 80±5%. Elevate efficiency for a new era of solar excellence.

Top-notch cell technology for a Lower LID/LETID Attenuation

Embark on the future of solar technology. The Topcon series introduces groundbreaking advancements, offering lower Light-Induced Degradation (LID) and Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LETID) attenuation for sustained performance.


Experience a new pinnacle of efficiency. The Topcon series achieves a higher efficiency of 22.8%, maximizing the conversion of sunlight into unparalleled solar power for your energy needs.

4 size options for

various scenarios

Tailor your solar solution to fit any scenario with our range of 4 size options with various of No. of cells. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial needs, we have the perfect fit for every situation

Unrivaled Durability in Every Detail

Structural Resilience

Our modules withstand extreme conditions through robust design and reinforced support, ensuring durability.

Material Strength

High-quality, resistant materials in our modules combat UV, humidity, and temperature changes, prolonging lifespan.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control guarantees each module meets high standards, ensuring reliability and extended durability.

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